Beautiful Wife Of 10 IPL Cricketers

5. David Willey – Carolynne Poole

Image Source : Hello Magazine

Singer Carolynne was initially a good friend of England’s wicketkeeper batsman Jonny Bairstow. One day she went to the stadium to support Jonny. At that very moment Willey’s picture appeared on the giant screen.

Carolynne instantly fell for Willey as she thought it was the most beautiful face in the world. After the match was over, Carolynne went to say goodbye to Jonny. She did that purposefully as she knew Willey would also be there.

However she got very shy during the first meeting and instantly rushed towards her car. Witnessing everything Willey later found out who she was. They started texting each other and got to know one another. The CSK player later proposed and got married to his beautiful wife.

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