Beautiful Wife Of 10 IPL Cricketers

6. Shane Watson – Lee Furlong

Image Source : Daily Telegraph

Lee was a sports commentator by profession. Along with that she was also a great friend of Glenn McGrath’s former wife Jane. It was in the year 2006 when Lee met Jane McGrath. It was also at that time that Lee also met Shane Watson.

Both of them had common interests and also promoted Glenn McGrath foundation. This organization spread awareness about breast cancer. Both of them spend time together for almost four years. In various talkshows or during commentary, whenever Lee talked about Shane, she gave a cheeky smile.

The couple got closer and closer with passing time. Finally they decided to get engaged in 2010 and also got married in the very same year. Watson’s beautiful wife is now often spotted in stands along with the kids cheering for Watson and Chennai Super Kings.

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