Bharat Arun will serve as the bowling coach for India until the end of 2019 world cup, he will be guiding the bowlers to their potential and lift up their morale for the upcoming 2 years

The 3 member CoA committee comprising of Sachin, Ganguly & Laxman has retained the services of Sanjay Bangar and the fielding coach R. Sridhar and appointing Bharat Arun as the bowling coach of the senior Men team for the seasons to come 

Sanjay Bangar will also serve as the Deputy of Ravi Shastri, since Ravi Shastri has joined the coaching Squad for the very first time and Bangar is associated with the coaching scenario since long so it will of major help for Shastri to co-operate with the team members and the management as well 

The contracts for the above said posts starts from today onwards and it will carry its legacy until the end of 2019 world cup apart from this Patrick Farhat will continue to be the physio for the team and Shankar Basu will be continuing as the trainer as recommended and stated by the BCCI officials 

Rahul Dravid and Zaheer khan’s selection as the batting and bowling coach will depend upon the talks they will have with the authorities, which are Amitabh Chowdhary and Rahul Johri

Speaking about Dravid and Zaheer, Shastri did not see any issues and felt they will be on board once they speak with the authorities. “I’ve spoken to both, as recent as three to four days ago and they are two fantastic cricketers of India. Their inputs will be invaluable. They will be on board once they have spoken to the authorities concerned,” said Shastri.

When asked whether Dravid and Zaheer’s contracts will involve a fixed number of days, Shastri said, “That they will speak. It all depends on the individuals, how many number of days they want to give. But their inputs will be invaluable and they’re most welcome. And I’ve spoken to both gentlemen personally.”

Shastri said that he was very clear in his mind what his core team should be and in his words – “what you’ve just heard is my core team.”

Acting BCCI secretary Amitabh Choudhary didn’t think all the confusion surrounding Dravid and Zaheer’s appointments was a matter to be concerned with. “In the first place, I’m absolutely clear in my view that it was not a fiasco. As Ravi [Shastri] explained, once he was announced he obviously had to think of his responsibilities that come with that appointment. And as he’s made so abundantly clear that he wanted his core team. The other two gentlemen he’s spoken to, they will be consultants and their contributions are going to be invaluable.”