Bangladesh Veteran Cricketer Likely To Miss World Cup Because Of Injury

The decision of Bangladesh veteran cricketer, Shakib Al Hasan, to play in the Asia cup with a finger injury has gone horribly wrong.

Cricket news: He insisted on surgery but BCB wanted him to play the Asia Cup which aggravated the situation

He was ruled out of the tournament in the middle because of the injury and is currently in Australia for its treatment. He has ruled out from playing for the next three months and there are reports that he might even miss the World Cup.

The doctors have assessed his finger and has given the report that they cannot perform the surgery unless the infection subsides fully.

Everything will become clear once the test results arrives in the next few days. Meanwhile Shakib is kept under 72-hours-observation period by Doctor Greg Hoy at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne and will study Shakib for at least the next eight days.

Shakib will have to return to playing after three months to check whether the infection increases once he starts playing. The doctors have started given the necessary antibiotics and injections.

It seems that the decision of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) of forcing the player to play in the Asia Cup has aggravated the injury and now has ruined his plans of featuring in the World Cup. Shakib has himself said that his finger will never be the same again.

“Since there is no chance of doing surgery till around six months elapse, because of the infection. If that [infection] remains [when the surgery is done] then the hand will be ruined, so no one will take that chance. We have to wait till it’s a hundred per cent sure that the infection is gone,” he told The Daily Star on Sunday.

“When the medication stops after one-and-a-half to two months we have to wait for one or two months to see if the infection increases. I will also have to play to see if the infection increases. When all the tests are done and we are sure that there is no chance of the infection coming back or increasing, we can go for surgery. It may take six months or one year. Doctors are thinking six months to a year,” the all-rounder added.

Having already messed up the injury, Shakib will definitely go for the surgery which will likely happen after six months and in that case, he will definitely miss the World Cup, which is set to begin from May next year.