It was a lightened up day for Azhar Ali on 14th of October as the batsman accomplished up a milestone in his cricketing history by the becoming the 25th batsman in the history of cricket to do so.

The 31 year old gun achieved a feat of scoring a triple century in test cricket against the mighty West Indies, it was a sense of relief and the thing that matters the most is the belief and the self-satisfaction that the batsman got to cheer for.

He was just 17 years of old when the extremely talentedAzhar Ali was in the pitch as a substitute fielder when Inzamam scored 329 against the Kiwis in 2002, In an interaction with the media personals he said, the day is very clear in my minds and eyes of the particular day when Inzibhai scored that triplet and I idolized that innings very much.

And as of now I have got my own and it the feeling for any batsman that can’t be explained in the longer format of the game, and I am very proud of myself and I cannot utter the feelings that’s vesting deep inside me and this achievement I won’t be able to forget throughout my life.

The batsman sweated for five long sessions to achieve this feat and come to a commendable position for something to speak or say about.

Azhar Ali expressed up his views for not having Younis Khan in the side and he missed his presence a lot.

“Of course, I missed Younis in this match. He has always been my role model and I was sitting on his seat in the dressing room so I had to keep the honour of that seat as well. I am proud that I have matched him because whenever he scores a hundred he takes it to double or big scores,” Azhar said of Younis, Pakistan’s highest run-getter in Tests, who sat out due to Dengue fever.

Having matched three of Pakistan’s greats, Azhar dedicated his innings to his parents and the people of his country. “First, I want to dedicate my achievement to my parents who have always guided me in my life and next to the people of my country who must keep their minds clear and not let them affect when we don’t do well.”