Azhar Ali Opens Up on His Bizarre Run out Against Australia

Yesterday Pakistan’s prolific No. 3 batsman Azhar Ali was involved in a comical and bizarre run-out situation in the second Test against Australia at Abu Dhabi.

Cricket news: Azhar was extremely disappointed but he looked at the funny side of the incident

Azhar was batting with Asad Shafiq at the other end when he edged a delivery from bowler Peter Siddle which ran past the gully fielder.

The two batsmen thought that the ball would eventually go on and cross the boundary line. Hence they went to the middle of the crease to have a little bit of chat and show some glove-love.

However to their utter dismay the ball stopped a few inches from the ropes. Mitchell Starc ran to the third man boundary, picked the ball cleanly and threw it straight to wicketkeeper Tim Paine’s hands.

Paine had lots of time and he dislodged the bails swiftly which left the Pakistani batsmen clueless as to what was happening. While the Aussies celebrated, the umpires had to decide which of the two Pakistani batsmen had to make the long embarrassing walk back to the pavilion and it was decided that Azhar had to go.

After the incident many critics questioned Australia’s sportsmanship behaviour for having run out a batsman in such a fashion. There were some who even accused the boundary rope to be pushed back from the original position. Had it been in the same place, the ball would have technically fetched four runs.

Amidst all these Azhar Ali came out and ruled out the question of unsportsmanlike attitude and took the blame of the incident on himself.

“No, I don’t think it was bad sportsmanship [by Australia]. I take full responsibility for it. I was a little bit ignorant. No one came in my way. No one distracted me. It is my own fault. I think they did the right thing.” he said.

“You shouldn’t be not watching the ball for [that] long. It was one of those things where neither Asad or I had a sight of it…even when the throw was coming back I thought he’s just thrown it after the ball hit the [boundary]. When Tim Paine started to run towards the stumps then I thought a little bit something funny about it, then it was a shock after that…it’s my own fault,” he added.