The hearing for the anti-dope test that was scheduled to be on Monday the 19th of September has been extended till 28th of September and for this the West Indian all-rounder has earned some time for it.

The hearing was postponed because of Carey Brown executive director of Jamaica’s Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), was one of the witness who was not able to be present himself before the court because of his accident.

“The thrust of our case is that the doping authority, JADCO, must prove negligence that has to emerge in the context of the evidence as it is given, so that is, essentially, our position. The burden of proof is on JADCO,” Forster told the Jamaica Gleaner on Tuesday (September 20).

“I don’t want to comment too much on the details of the evidence in the midst of cross-examining the witness, but a good portion of the cross-examination relates to the July to September quarter, where JADCO recorded two filing failures, so in cross-examination, I am just questioning the basis which they arrived at two filing failures for the same quarter,” he added.

The hearing committee comprised of Hugh Faulkner (chairman), Dr Marjorie Vassell, and former Jamaican cricketer Dixeth Palmer. But the absence of Brown meant the hearing had to be postponed.

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