Andre Agassi, Family, Career, Star Allures

Andre Kirk Agassi is a former successful tennis player from the United States. He was born on April 29, 1970 in Las Vegas, where he still lives today. He is now a businessman and philanthropist.

The tennis career of the exceptional athlete lasted 21 years. During this time, the American won 60 singles titles, eight of them at Grand Slam tournaments. He managed to win the Australian Open four times, the US Open twice, the French Open once and once on the manicured grass of Wimbledon.

In total, only eight tennis players have managed to win all four Grand Slam tournaments at least once – Agassi is one of them. He is also the first player ever to achieve this feat on three different surfaces. In 1996, he won the Olympic gold medal in singles tennis. And the USA won three Davis Cup tournaments with him.

In the 1990s, no one in the professional tennis scene could get past this man, and his extraordinary power extended into the early 2000s. Formerly known as a kind of rock star of the tennis circuit, he leads a quite normal family life today, perhaps even a stuffy one.

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At the end of 1988, surely no one would have believed that the young rebel from the glittering players’ paradise would one day lead as quiet a life as he does today. That was when he achieved his first notable successes in major tournaments. First, he made it to the semifinals in the French Open and the US Open, and since then has ranked among the world’s best tennis players. By the end of the year, he had won six tournaments and finished third in the world rankings.

After that there was a stink over Wimbledon: for three years Agassi did not want to bow to the strict dress code rules and therefore abstained from the prestigious tournament. His jeans shorts were not welcome, but experts also doubted whether he could even cope with his playing style at the British Open.

In 1991, he overcame himself and dressed in the traditional white of the English tournament. Thus equipped, he surprised his critics and reached the quarterfinals quite confidently. From 1992 to 1996, the young player established himself among the world’s top tennis players. In 1995, he reportedly decided not only to cut off his long hair, but to shave it – although it was a kind of trademark for him. Fourteen years later, however, Agassi admitted that he had only taken off his toupee; there was hardly any real hair underneath. Today, the ex-player is only seen bald, and it actually looks pretty good on him.

In 1997 bad luck befell the tennis star, he suffered from a hand injury, had to accept one defeat after the next and plummeted in the world rankings. From 1998 onward, he really got back into the swing of things, and in 1999 he was in top form. The last year of the 20th century became his most successful period, a tremendous high point that catapulted him directly to top place in the world rankings.

2003 was the last time Agassi’s name appeared at number 1. In 2004, he still managed to stay in the top 10, but the big wins stayed away. On June 24, 2006, he appeared in front of the cameras and announced the end of his active sports career after the US Open. On September 3, 2006, he played his last major match and lost to German junior player Benjamin Becker. With tears in his eyes, the star said goodbye to his audience and received a last standing ovation.