Anderson Believes Kohli Is Lying About His Runs Not Mattering Much

The preparations for the upcoming gruelling five-match Test series between England and India are commencing in full swing.

Cricket news: The competition will not only be between me and Kohli, says Anderson

While the Indian batsmen will prepare themselves by playing a practice match against Essex in Chelmsford, the Brits have done their practice by playing in the County Championship.

As the date for the first Test is nearing, the banter and mind games between the players from both the sides have already started.

Earlier Virat Kohli had said in an interview that it doesn’t matter if he scores runs or not, what matters the most is his team’s win.

When Anderson was told about this and was asked to reply in his interview, he laughed off and said that the opposition captain is simply lying.

The much awaited series will be seen as a mini competition between Virat Kohli and James Anderson, especially because when India had last toured England in 2014, Anderson had made Kohli his bunny and had dismissed him four times.

The England pacer in his statement had said that Kohli is simply lying and as a skipper, he is desperate to contribute to his team’s cause by scoring many runs.

“It doesn’t matter if he gets runs or not? I think he is telling lies there. For India to win here, of course, it matters. Virat will be desperate to score runs for his team, as you would expect from the captain and one of the best players in the world.” Anderson was quoted as saying by Cricket Country.

In the tour of 2014, Kohli had a terrible outing as he could manage a poor average of 13.40 in ten innings, because of which Anderson believes Kohli had learnt his lessons and will be itching to get going in the upcoming series.

Anderson also believes that the competition will not be bound between him and Kohli only, as there are other bowlers as well who can out pressure on the opposition.

“Today, cricketers learn from not only watching match footage but also from past experiences. So I would expect a batsman of Kohli’s quality to have learned from that last series here. I am sure he is practicing hard at certain aspects of his game and that will make the battle between him and not just myself, but him and the rest of our bowlers, a really exciting one.”