Top 5 Women Blooper Video In Cricket

4. Woman tries to sit on chair but falls down

This blooper is purely coincidental but is extremely hilarious. It was during an Ashes game when the cameraman spotted a woman walking down the steps towards her seat. Unfortunately when she was about to sit down, she slipped and fell on the ground.

Everyone including bowler Joe Root and non-striker David Warner noticed it. They couldn’t control their laughter and there was a small pause in the game. Even commentator Nasser Hussain had a laugh and said that it was a ploy of the English audience to distract the Aussies.

Here is the video:

5. Woman exposing her breasts on camera

This blooper has happened many times in other sports like rugby and football. But in cricket this type of incident is very rare. This happened during a Test match between South Africa and West Indies. The cameraman turned his camera towards two beautiful ladies in the stands.

One of them was sipping a pint of beer on one hand. When she saw the camera she got very excited and did something unexpected. She took off her top and went topless in front of the camera. The commentators were taken aback by the incident and decided not to discuss about it.

Here is the video:

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