Top 5 Women Blooper Video In Cricket

2. Pouring water and pranking young lady

Perhaps this was the worst prank that everyone saw on the television. This blooper is also from South Africa. A young lady was lying down and enjoying the match. She was wearing a South African jersey.

She was watching the game from the grass banks. This is when a few youngsters decided to pour a few glasses of cold water on her. The lady got wet completely and also insulted. Commentator Pommy Mbangwa tried to console her although she couldn’t listen to him.

Here is the video:

3. Conversation about sex caught on camera

This blooper happened in Australia in a domestic limited-overs match between Victoria and Tasmania. The latter had put on 305 and Victoria were halfway through the chase. David Hussey and Peter Handscomb were batting.

At this moment the cameraman caught two women and a man engaged in a creepy conversation. Suddenly one of the woman started gesturing some sexual signals. The commentators started laughing seeing this and it took them some time to concentrate back on the game.

Here is the video:

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