Top 5 Women Blooper Video In Cricket


Since cameramen started to cover the game of cricket, their focus didn’t remain completely on the game. Apart from that they capture the audience which ranges from beautiful people to blooper. These captures give us a moment to smile about.

Over the last couple of years, a lot of people have become viral due to the cameramen. Be it the RCB fan girl at the Chinnaswamy stadium or the ever-young Chaarulata ji. She came to support India during the 2019 World Cup.

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Here is the list of some women blooper videos in the history of cricket:

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1. Woman use the “F” word

This incident happened in a Test match going on in South Africa. The cameraman kept focused on a woman in the stands. She was wearing a black top and holding a cup full of beer. When she saw herself on the giant screen, she looked at the camera and said the “F” word.

Although the commentators didn’t notice that, the broadcasters ensured that all the fans notice the blooper. They played the video on the giant screen in slow motion. The video proved that the “F” word was used clearly. The woman then continued sipping beer and enjoyed the game with her company.

Here is the video: