5 Players Who Can Become ‘Power Player’ In IPL

IPL has always been an innovative league which has given many surprises. All around the world, other leagues take example from IPL and try to be successful. Now BCCI is planning to introduce the concept of ‘power player’.

In this rule, teams won’t have to name a playing XI. They just need to name a 15-man squad. At any point of the game, a player can be substituted. But the change can only happen after a wicket falls or at the end of an over.

The idea has just been pitched as of now. The final discussions are yet to be done by the IPL Governing Council members at the BCCI headquarters. If the rule is implemented, then the whole scenario of a game can be changed.

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Here is the list of 5 players who can become an option of power player:

1. Andre Russell

Image Source : Rooter Live

The hard-hitting Windies all-rounder is one of the first names that pop on the mind. Russell has a history of injuries and despite being not 100% fit, he has to take the field. But now that might not be needed with the power player rule.

Even a senior BCCI official took Russell’s name while explaining the concept of power player to TOI. He said, “When the required run rate is high and you need someone to simply come in and blast out, Russell could well be the man to do it. He’s shown that before in the IPL as well that no target is beyond reach for him.”

At the current moment, no one is a fiercer striker of the cricket ball than Russell. He doesn’t do anything fancy as he keeps it simple and relies only on power. Thus with the new rule, Russell can have a huge benefit. He can have a short appearance but a big impact on the game.