5 Instances When Players Got Arrested During IPL

4. Tushar Arothe

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This former first-class player represented Baroda for 19 years (from 1985/86 to 2003/04). He was the first Baroda player to play over 100 first-class games for them. After retirement he became the head coach of the Indian Women’s Cricket team between 2017 and 2018.

However he was removed from the post after a fallout between Tushar and some senior players. In 2019, Tushar along with 18 others were arrested during IPL by the police. This happened because of the betting charges on Tushar.

The betting was done on an IPL matche between Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab. Later after being released on bail, Tushar claimed he was innocent and denied all charges. He said that he never indulged himself in such activities.

5. Nayan Shah

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This young cricketer from Maharashtra was arrested during IPL in 2017 on charges of betting. Kanpur police revealed that there was a connection between a betting racket and the U19 cricketer.

The charges against Nayan was that he had taken INR 15 lakhs to divulge information about the pitch. There were photos of Mumbai pitch on his phone and it was said that he had a contract throughout the IPL tournament.

Nayan had also hired a man named Ramesh Kumar who worked at Green Park. Ramesh was given INR 5,000 to put excess water on the pitch and make it slow. The main aim of Nayan was to tamper the pitch, send information to bookies and get money in return. It was also suspected that Nayan might have contacted some players as well.