5 Players Who Drank Alcohol Before Going To Play

4. Andrew Flintoff

Image Source : CNN

The former English all-rounder has the ability of inspire any side with his rampant performances. His supreme on-field activities always helped the Brits whenever they found themselves in trouble.

In the 2005 ashes, Flintoff showed his heroics with both the ball and the bat. Especially it was the century at Lord’s which showed his class. He reacted stunningly when the entire team was in a lot of trouble. Even when England lost to South Africa by an innings, Freddie scored a century.

Apart from his heroics on the field, Flintoff often came in the news for his drinking habits. During an interview, Flintoff revealed that his century against the Proteas came under the influence of alcohol. His revelation was met with huge negative comments from around the world.

5. Wasim Raja

Image Source : CricTracker

This Pakistani cricketer was regarded as a batting marvel both by his teammates and opposition. He became very famous because of his flawless strokeplay. Against the famous West Indies bowling attack, which included Joel Garner and Andy Roberts, Raja was fantastic.

Away from home, Raja scored more than 500 runs in a 5-match Test series. Even before that he scored his 2nd Test century in the Karachi Stadium against the same West Indies team. However he was often criticized by the press because of his bad behavior towards the audience.

Later it was revealed that Raja had consumed alcohol during the game. The liquor has always been Raja’s best friend until his retirement in 1985. He was often found in a drunken state. It can safely said that the over-exposure to drinking prevented him from achieving the status of an elite cricketer.


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