5 Players Who Drank Alcohol Before Going To Play

2. Jesse Ryder

Image Source : India Today

The hard-hitting Kiwi batsman came into limelight when New Zealand visited India a decade ago. Although Ryder was a bit healthy and out of shape, yet his big shots made up for it.

He soon became a hot commodity and became a regular member of the national side. Ryder even got the opportunity to be part of the most-celebrated T20 league, the Indian Premier League. However his drinking problem made him a liability.

Often he was dropped from the playing XI because of his habit of late-night partying. Even in his debut series against England, he was intoxicated before the 5th ODI. Although he scored 24, he made the headlines because of his alcohol consumption.

3. Andrew Symonds

Image Source : ABC

During the 2000s, Australian cricket was experiencing a golden period. A lot of gifted individuals were present in the team, which included Andrew Symonds. Although he never reached his full potential, yet he won 2 World Cups.

Whenever the all-rounder was called, he delivered even in tough situations. Although his numbers don’t speak highly of him, yet he contributed whenever given opportunities. However Symonds’ career has been marred with controversies.

Several times his temperament and attitude towards the game has been questioned. In an ODI game against Bangladesh, Symonds had a hangover because of alcohol consumption. He dozed off during the practice session which angered skipper Ricky Ponting. Eventually Symonds was left out of the game.