5 Players Who Drank Alcohol Before Going To Play

Image Source : BBC

Since the invention of cricket, people thought that it needs talent and skill to become a good cricketer. However with passing time, they understood that it also requires mental toughness. This is what separated extraordinary players from ordinary ones.

Some cricketers got instant success in this game but failed to maintain the mental toughness. Some of them fell prey to alcohol abuse and started drinking on a constant basis. This habit became so viral that even took to the field after drinking alcohol. This bad habit derailed many players’ promising career.

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Here is the list of 5 cricketers who drank alcohol before going to play:

1. Herschelle Gibbs

Image Source : georgeherald

This South African batsman had the class of that of Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara. He had the power to dispatch opposition bowling easily. This had helped his nation to achieve many memorable victories.

Among that was the epic run-chase against Australia in Johannesburg. Gibbs smashed 175 and helped his team win the game by chasing the highest runs in ODI cricket. He left the Aussies high and dry, but in fact Gibbs was himself very high.

Gibbs admitted in his autobiography, “To the Point”, that he had consumed alcohol hours before the game. In fact when he went to bat, he didn’t know what the situation was high. The alcohol however eased Gibbs’ nerves and helped him record his best ODI score.