5 Famous Viral One-Liner Of Indian Cricket

2. MS Dhoni gets angry on Manish Pandey

Image Source : India Times

One of the legendary cricketers of India is wicketkeeper-batsman and former skipper MS Dhoni. He is arguably one of the best skippers of India and his contribution has been massive.

Dhoni is always known for his calm and composed nature. Along with that his cheeky side is also revealed many times. His one-liner to his teammates are often caught on stump mic.

But in this incident, Dhoni lost his cool and lashed out at Manish Pandey. It was the second T20I against South Africa in February last year. Dhoni and Pandey built a good partnership to get the things going.

In the last over, Pandey took a single, but Dhoni wanted two runs. However Pandey didn’t give attention to Dhoni’s call and missed the run. Dhoni shouted at Pandey saying, “Oyee Bo*****dke idhar dekh lae, udhar kya dekh raha hai.. Main Idhar khada hu na (Look here, why are you looking there. I am standing at batting end).

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3. Ravi Shastri’s one-liner on national television

Image Source : Daily Hunt

Ravi Shastri has witnessed some great moments from the commentary box in the 21st century. But later he had a greater impact when he became the team director in mid 2014. At that time the Indian team was going through a slump.

Shastri stayed as team director until March 2016. From 2017, Shastri became the head coach of the Indian team and until now has been the same. Over the years, he has given many interviews. But the best came during the Australia tour.

India won the first Test by a very close margin and later went on to clinch the series too. In the first Test, the Australian lower order put up a defiant resistance. But still India held their nerves and won the match by 31 runs.

After the game, Shastri was interviewed by the broadcasters. Shastri was asked about his feelings when the game was getting tighter. Shastri gave an epic reply saying, “Sach bole toh goti muh mein aa gaye tha (To be honest, we almost had our b***s in our mouth).

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