Top 5 infamous cricket controversies

Cricket is a game of gentleman, players who represent their respective teams show respect and honor to their counterparts that is the notion which every cricket lovers have and expect this from the cricketers and players will play the game in a fair manner that is the basic thing anyone can expect from the respected personalities.

But nowadays the mantra of modern cricket has completely changed, players use slang languages against each other’s, they mock their counterparts as well to taste the victory, and few players also crossed the border by doing incident like ball-tampering and even worse to win matches for their teams.

There were many occasions where Cricketers got caught red-handedly and they faced profound castigation for their act.

Here we present the top 5 incidents of ball-tampering:

5.Sachin Tendulkar:

Even the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar was handed a one-match ban by the match official Mike Denness, after the master blaster found guilty of ball-tampering against the Proteas ( South Africa) during the second test

In the video footage, it was witnessed that he was removing a small amount of grass from the ball, but though it was done without the on-field umpire’s consent, so it was not considered as a ball-tampering, later on after reviewing the footage ban got overturned.

After this incident, the Indian cricket board refuses to accept the former England captain as a match official for the third test.