5 Indian Players Who Gets Lots of Support from Skipper Virat Kohli

2. MS Dhoni

The former captain started under his successor with an ODI century against England. But the veteran could not carry on the tempo and has failed often and has turned to be burden for the team in recent times due to his batting.

Dhoni has scored 1144 runs in 39 international games while playing under Kohli. Although the stats say that he has averaged 58 in ODIs and 40 in T20Is, but that is not the full story as he has been highly inconsistent which has worsened over the last few months.

Dhoni scored 113 runs in 5 international innings against Australia in 2017 and then scored only 124 runs in 6 innings against New Zealand.

His form bettered as he scored 226 runs in 6 innings against Sri Lanka and had a good campaign against South Africa, and then failing again against England. It will be interesting to see how long Kohli goes on supporting his predecessor, as he is now just a shadow of his former self.

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