5 Highest Paid Cricketers In History Of IPL

2. Dinesh Karthik – INR 38,85,00,000 (38.85 Crores in 7 Auctions)

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Image Source : India Today

Perhaps Dinesh Karthik might be called as the unluckiest player in the history of Indian cricket. This is because his career got collided with the legendary MS Dhoni. As a result Karthik was always the second choice and more often than not an injury replacement.

However when it comes to IPL, Karthik has always been one of the huge attractions. It all began in 2008 when Delhi bought him for $525,000 (INR 2.4 crores). After three years, it was KXIP’s turn as they broke the bank with $900,000.

Later in 2012, the wicketkeeper from Tamil Nadu went to Mumbai Indians for a whooping INR 12.5 crores. In 2014 and 2015 auctions, Karthik’s stocks were at the highest. At first Delhi pouched him for INR 10.5 crores in 2014.

In 2015, RCB went further added by paying him INR 12.5 crores. In 2016, Gujarat Lions spent INR 2.3 crores. Finally in 2018, KKR bought Karthik for INR 7.4 crores and made him the captain. So in total DK received INR 38.85 crores and has been the 2nd highest paid IPL cricketer.

1. Yuvraj Singh – INR 48,10,00,000 (48.1 Crores in 7 Auctions)

Image Source : Jagran

Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh is a legend of this game. However it has been a surprise how he didn’t get a permanent team in IPL. He always had to roam around and find himself in auctions. However that didn’t harm him financially.

Yuvi started his journey as KXIP’s icon player in 2008 where he was paid $925,000. After spending three seasons there, he went to Pune Warriors for a sum of $1.8 million (approx INR 8.28 crores). It was in the 2014 auctions where Yuvraj made the big headlines.

In 2014, RCB went bonkers for Yuvi and paid a whooping INR 14 crores. But in 2015, Delhi decided to one step further as they spent INR 16 crores for the World Cup winner. However over the years Yuvi’s performance went down and his stocks value fell.

In 2016, SRH bought him for INR 7 crores where he played for two seasons. After that Yuvi went for his base price in the next two auctions. KXIP bought him for INR 2 crore in 2018 while MI bought him for INR 1 crore in 2019.

Yuvi’s career might have been over and he might not attract huge bids ever again. However till 2016 he was the hot piece of cake for whom the franchises splashed a lot of money. Over the 12 years, Yuvi has received about INR 48.10 crores and has become the highest paid IPL cricketer of all time.