5 Embarrassing Incidents In The History Of IPL

2. Danny Morrison lifting co-anchor Karishma Kotak

Image Source : Daily Bhaskar

We are once again back with Danny Morrison. This time the embarrassing moment happened with British Indian model Karishma Kotak. The incident happened during a pre-match analysis during the IPL.

At first Morrison grabbed Karishma by her waist and brought her closer. Karishma also came close and put her hand on the left shoulder of Danny. The Kiwi presenter then started an impromptu dance with the mic still in hands.

Then suddenly Morrison suddenly lifted Karishma with a jerk and continued dancing. Although Karishma didn’t show any discomfort, however this type of  sudden situation can make any girl uncomfortable.

Here is the video:


3. Lady offering apples instead of cricket ball to the umpire

Image Source : RVCJ

This time it was the umpires who felt the humiliation. This incident happened during a match between Kolkata Knight Riders and now-defunct Rising Pune Supergiant. The match was held at the Eden Gardens.

When the umpire walked on the field, a beautiful lady gave him an apple. The umpire took it, then signaled no and gave it back. The incident was repeated the second time as well. Then lady offered the cricket ball which the umpire accepted.

While the incident was enjoyed by the crowd, it didn’t go down well with many. They didn’t understand what the umpires and the organizers were thinking. For them it was an embarrassing moment which was unhealthy for IPL.


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