5 Embarrassing Incidents In The History Of IPL

Since the inception of Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008, the tournament has grown over the years. A lot of competition on the field and fandom off the field has made the cash-rich league very popular.

However amidst all the positives, there are a few controversial and embarrassing moments. Some of the moments have come from Bollywood too as Cricket and Bollywood has shared an exotic relation over the years.

Every sport has its own share of controversies. Sometimes these controversies turn embarrassing and remain forever. Besides that Bollywood connection, IPL also had incidents which included cheerleaders, female anchors and even umpires.

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Here is the list of 5 embarrassing incidents in the history of IPL:

1. Danny Morrison lifting and carrying a cheerleader on his shoulders

Image Source : YouTube

The former Kiwi pacer is a happy-go-lucky man whenever he takes on the field. He is a popular presenter and is often seen in the IPL. However the 53-year-old has crossed the line sometimes with females. For this embarrassing moments, Morrison has been criticized many times.

Once before a match, Morrison and Ramiz Raja was going to analyze the pitch. Morrison entered carrying a cheerleader on his shoulders. There were in total five cheerleaders present there. After the analysis ended, Danny asked the cheerleaders to say one letter each of Ramiz’s first name.

Here is the video: