5 Cricketers Who Once Got Involved In Sex Scandal

4. Kevin Pietersen

Image Source : The Telegraph

KP also had some fair share of controversies in his long years of cricketing career. The South Africa-born England cricketer was part of a sex scandal in 2005. Fellow South African Vanessa Nimmo, who was also Big Brother ‘beauty’, was the former girlfriend of KP.

However in 2005, Vanessa accused that the English cricketer had dumped her after one-month over an SMS. She even went ahead and shared intimate details about them with the media.

She said that KP always remained hungry for sex and would pester her for the same. Nimmo also made it clear that she wasn’t at all interested with KP’s performances in bed.

5. Shahid Afridi

Image Source : Firstpost

The Pakistani all-rounder got involved in a huge sex scandal during the initial days of his career. He and his teammates, Atiq-uz-Zaman and Hasan Raza, were caught entertaining a group of ladies in their hotel room in Karachi.

The cricketers claimed in their statement that the group came to ask for only autographs. However the Pakistan Cricket Board didn’t believe their words. As a result PCB handed the cricketers some harsh punishments.

Firstly the three cricketers were fined. Then they were banned from playing the 2001 ICC Champions Trophy which was played in Kenya. Afridi later said that he regretted his actions and his familoy was very critical of him.

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