5 Cricketers Who Once Got Involved In Sex Scandal

It is rightly said that Cricket is not a sport, it is a religion. Many a times cricketers get past the level of mere human beings and become demigods to their fans. They are even been worshipped in many parts of the world.

With great powers come great responsibilities. These cricketers are then kept under constant scrutiny as they are often regarded as role models. Their manner of walking, their actions, their behaviour are all kept under scanner.

Recently Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul received heavy backlashes after their misogynist comments on a talk-show. They were even banned from the game for some time and later had to pay a huge fine for their misdeeds.

On the other hand there are some cricketers who went extremely offensive and got involved in sex scandal. They rocked their cricketing fraternity with their actions and tarnished the reputation of the game all-together.

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Here are 5 top cricketers who once got involved in sex scandal:

1. Chris Gayle

Image Source : caribdirect

This incident happened during the IPL days when the league was famous for its party culture. The Windies cricketer shared some intimate moments with Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra.

They both met at a bar and the cricketer took an instant liking for the actress. They both started to have fun, doing ‘dirty dancing’ and at one point Gayle even removed his shirt and went topless.

Gayle went ahead and asked Sherlyn for a date. The Bollywood actress later said that she had fun while ‘dirty dancing’ with Gayle. She even said that she liked Gayle’s physique and the way he bats in a game.

However both of them didn’t say anything about what happened later that night. There are speculations that both had a one-night stand. Apart from this Gayle again came in the headlines in CPL 2014 and BBL 2017-18. Both these times he made vulgar comments to the anchor.

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