5 Cricketers Who Are Past Sexual Offenders

There is a quote that cricket is not only a game, it is a religion. This is why many fans worship their favorite cricketers. Whenever a cricketer does something extraordinary for his nation, he becomes a demi-god for the fans.

However above all these cricketers are also human beings. This is why they also do mistakes but some mistakes become gruesome. Their reputation get tainted when they are caught red-handed for their malicious activities.

Match-fixing is a heinous crime which has involved many reputed cricketers. The likes of Hansie Cronje, S Sreesanth and Salman Butt‘s career got destroyed due to match-fixing.

On the other hand Chris Lewis was convicted of drug smuggling. But among all these the most deadly crime is to be sexual offenders. Unfortunately there are some cricketers who have committed sexual crime.

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Here is the list of 5 cricketers who are alleged sexual offenders in the past:

5. Lorrie Wilmot – South Africa

Image Courtesy : St. George’s Park

When Wilmot played the game he was considered as one of the biggest hitters of his country. There were reports that he once hit Kiwi spinner John Sparling for a 120-metre six.

Although Wilmot didn’t play for his country, yet he was a celebrated figure in the domestic circuit. This is because Wilmot had played 147 first-class games. However everything changed where his paedophile nature was revealed to the public.

News came out that Wilmot had raped a 13-year-old girl. Wilmot was arrested and the court sentenced him to 12 years in prison. To add salt to injury, at that time Wilmot was suffering from an incurable disease.

Owing to all these mishaps, Wilmot found it extremely difficult to carry on with his life. As a result he decided to commit suicide by shooting himself at his farm in 2004.