5 Cricketers Who Almost Died In The Past

4. Dinesh Chandimal

Cricketers who nearly died
Image Courtesy : ESPNCricinfo

The Sri Lankan cricketer has been an important member of the team after the retirement of Mahela and Sangakkara. Chandimal has brought many memorable victories to the team. However all these wouldn’t have possible if he had died during the 2004 tsunami.

On 26 December 2004, a huge tsunami rocked Sri Lanka and adjoining countries. At that time 15-year-old Chandimal was watching TV in his hometown of Ambalangoda. Suddenly he heard people screaming and running.

Chandimal saw the huge tsunami destroy his house entirely. Fortunately he ran away in the nick of time and managed to survive from the clutches of death.

5. Wasim Akram

Cricketers who nearly died
Image Courtesy : Times Of India

The Pakistani speedster was one of the best bowlers in the 90s. He could literally make the ball talk and was known as the ‘Sultan of swing’. He was instrumental in Pakistan’s only World Cup victory in 1992.

Akram also faced a near-death experience when he met with an accident in Karachi. While Akram was going to the national stadium, his car got hit by a speeding vehicle.

When Akram asked the driver to step out of the vehicle, the man shot at Akram’s car and fled away. Luckily the bullet didn’t do any harm or else the cricketing stalwart could’ve died.


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