5 Cricketers Who Almost Died In The Past

2. Nicholas Pooran

Cricketers who nearly died
Image Courtesy : Firstpost

The star cricketer from Windies is currently one of the mainstays in the team. His journey to the team wasn’t an easy one. Along with fighting poor form, Pooran had to deal with a near-death experience where he could’ve died.

It was that time when Pooran was preparing for his maiden first-class season. He was driving home from his training session when he lost control of his car. Although he slammed the brakes in a hurry, yet the car got smashed on the sides of the road.

The matter got worsened when another car hit Pooran’s car from behind and Pooran was left unconscious. Thankfully due to expert medical help, Pooran regained his consciousness and once again came back to the cricketing world.

3. Jesse Ryder

Cricketers who nearly died
Image Courtesy : Sky Sports

The Kiwi cricketer was widely known for his gigantic shots in the cricket field. It was that time when he went to a bar in Christchurch to celebrate a successful domestic season. However little did he know that his enjoyment will soon fade away and he could’ve almost died.

Outside the bar, Ryder got involved in a physical brawl with a group of men. This type of incident happened twice that night which left Ryder critically injured. He received a severe blow to his head which led to a state of induced coma.

After returning from that injury, Ryder never could play the same way. Once a promising career came to an abrupt halt. Ryder doesn’t repent about his career, rather he feels blessed to have come back alive from a near-death situation.


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