5 Cricketers Who Almost Died In The Past

The most precious gift one can have is life itself. One should do everything to preserve this gift safely. Although it seems that we ourselves are in control of life, yet the irony is it is not only us.

One small mistake from our side or someone else can take this precious gift from us. There are many people who almost died in the past. However they somehow managed to survive and lived to narrate their experiences.

In the world of cricket, there are many instances when a player had near-death experiences. However they have lived through that day and at present they all are healthy and living their lives.

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Here is the list of 5 cricketers who almost died in the past:

1. Karun Nair

Cricketers who nearly died
Image Courtesy : Hindustan Times

The Indian cricketer had a mixed experience in 2016. He became the first Indian player to convert his debut century into triple figures. He scored a brilliant 303* against England and put his team in command.

However in the very same year he faced a situation where he could have died. Karun visited Sree Parthasarathy temple in Kerala in July 2016 to offer his prayers. Along with the other devotees, karun also took part in the spiritual celebration.

Although religious ceremony brings peace in oneself, but in this case Karun could’ve died. A boat carrying Karun and all other devotees overturned in the river. The river currents were too strong and everyone soon started screaming for help.

Karun’s state was the worst as he didn’t know how to swim. Luckily the other people rescued him and brought to safety. Karun should definitely consider himself lucky to have been surrounded by those courageous people on that day.