List Of 5 Cricketers Who Changed Their Name

Nowadays it has become quite common for people to change their names. In case of changing their religion, they get a new name which becomes their new identity. Apart from that there are other reasons also to change names.

Changing one’s name needs consent from their families. However many a times, the family members do not approve to the decision. Even in the arena of sports, including cricket, there are many players who changed their names.

While some of them did it due to the constitution of the country, while some did owing to fascination for celebs. There are also a few instances when one’s nation is given the top priority while the names were changed.

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Here is the list of 5 cricketers who later changed their name:

Mohammad Yousuf

Image Source : cricketworld

In September 2005, Pakistan batsman Yousuf Youhana decided to convert from Christianity to Islam. After that the Lahore-born player changed his name to Mohammad Yousuf. At that time Yousuf was the only Christian  in the Pakistan national team.

Along with Yousuf, his wife Fatima also converted to Islam. However Yousuf didn’t want to go public about this due to family reasons. This is because Yousuf’s mother was outraged by this decision. She even didn’t want to give Yousuf her name after what he had done.

About his conversion, Yousuf said that he did that after attending preaching session of Tablighi Jamaat. It is the largest non-political religious grouping of Pakistan. Yousuf’s teammate Saeed Anwar was also part of the group.