5 Controversies Of Rohit Sharma And Virat Kohli

Kohli abused a journalist during a net session

Image Source : Cricket Addictor

These controversies happened during the 2015 World Cup. Kohli is always known to speak his heart out. He never keeps his emotions hidden. The incident occurred during net practice before India’s group game against West Indies at the WACA in Perth.

After the net session, when Kohli was returning, he saw an article about him and his then-girlfriend Anushka. He lost his cool and hurled abuses to a journalist. He thought that journalist wrote that article and used filthiest of languages against him.

But when he was told it was some other journalist, Kohli went and apologized right away. Even then Team Director Ravi Shastri personally asked Kohli to keep his calm.

Rohit abused an on-looker

Image Source : DNA India

On the field Rohit is always seen as a calm and composed cricketer. This quality of him has helped him to score on a consistent basis. However he is also a human and can lose his control. These controversies showed the other side of Rohit.

It was during a net session when an on-looker was saying harsh things about Indian cricketers. Rohit, who was practicing, turned and decided to teach him a lesson. He slammed the on-looker left, right and center.

It wasn’t a pretty sight as Rohit used many abusive words. Rohit even said that if the person repeats the misdeed, he will beat him with his bat. After the slamming the on-looker apologized. A few other Indian players also bashed the on-looker for his behavior.

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