5 controversial statements made by cricketers

As evident from the latest news the Sri Lankan Cricket team had fallen in a dark phase of deliberate match fixings. The former players had been questioning, one of them being Arjuna Ranatunga, who had already won world cup being the captain of the team.

The year 2017 witnessed  Sri Lanka losing against Zimbabwe in One Day International Cricket. To that Ranatunga had made an appalling comment in social media expressing his shock on the loss of the 2011 World Cup from the Sri Lankan side. He mentioned that there was a match-fixing, the reason India had won the World Cup.

5) Kevin Pietersen – “Matt Prior was the Big Cheese”

Kevin Pietersen was one of the most stylish and one of the most successful batsmen of ODI. He was the reason for several championships won by England. He always loved public attention be it for good or bad.

The year 2012 witnessed his disciplinary issues dragging his career down. The deterioration was such that it could never be mended. KP had released his biography in which he mentioned Andy Flower had been one of the reasons for the fallout of his career. He had also mentioned Matt Prior’s name because according to him, Prior was the reason for the cricketers falling out with him in the dressing room. This matter had taken quite a time to be dusted.