5 controversial statements made by cricketers

Indian cricket was blessed with two gods gifted batsman, twenty-six years ago, one who remained and the other who deteriorated as time passed. After gaining fame and popularity the genius Kambli had already made several headlines. His 20’s sawed him making three consecutive test centuries in test matchmaking and breaking records.

Soon the left-handed batsman fell prey to off-field controversies and regulatory issues. His career soon started deteriorating never to improve again. His vexation soon led him to smoke and drinking habits and he never did leave a chance to blame Sachin Tendulkar on the cause that Sachin never helped his old friend get out of bad habits and also to that he added on a television show that Sachin had never mentioned his name even on his retirement speech. The broken friendship was a debatable content for the sports media.

3) Kagiso Rabada- “Virat Kohli is immature, can’t take abuse”

Kagiso Rabada is the South African bowling unit, who wasn’t in his normal speed during the 2019 World cup losing to England and Bangladesh. Before the match of India in a press conference, he said that he would like to clean bowl the best batsman of the team which happened to be King Kohli.

Rabada mentioned that the Indian skipper could hardly take a jest in its true meaning and also mentioned that he was an unpredictable person to understand. In reply to the pun, Kohli asked for a tete-a-tete with Rabada. Despite Kohli taking the comment in a light mood, his fans had been talking about this for a while.4) Arjuna Ranatunga – “2011 World Cup final was fixed”