5 controversial statements made by cricketers

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, has already been a part of several controversial statements given by most eminent players. Besides, knowing the fact that cricket is the game of a gentleman, we somehow see sometimes cricketers tend to lose their minds and behave stupid and foolish on certain occasions. Here are the top five cricketers who were caught passing controversial statements.

1) Hardik Pandya –chauvinist comments

He made his debut in the Indian Cricket Team in the year 2016 and has become an integral part of the cricket team. He is extremely talented and has already got results of his hard work and more are yet to come in the upcoming years.

He is an Indian mixed with a flavor of Caribbean nature. Kieron Pollard, the West Indies all-rounder seemed to have quite a great influence in Pandya’s life, and he had helped him develop more cricket skills.

He is sometimes referred to as the power-hitting man but is never stressed out on and outside field depicting a cool nature. He has very high fame in the cricket team and hence he along with his teammate KL Rahul was invited on the talk show of Karan Johar. It was a candid talk show hosted by Karan Johar.

Karan asked some controversial questions as always because he has that habit to put up controversial topics and makes his guests face it. Pandya had replied with quite an indecent manner and also to that his sexist comments were disproportionate. He had to suffer a lot of humiliating comments after that talk show and fell prey to social media trolls. His comments went viral overnight and were suspended from BCCI for his excessively cool behavior along with his teammate KL Rahul.

2) Vinod Kambli- “Sachin has forgotten me”