10 Shocking Secret Of Indian Cricket

9. Kapil Dev mistaking to identify Don

Image Source : India Times

This secret of Indian cricket happened when underworld don Dawood Ibrahim appeared in the Indian dressing room. It was during the 1986 Austral–Asia Cup final. Dawood offered bribes to the Indians to win the final against Pakistan.

But Indian skipper Kapil Dev asked him to stay away from the restricted premises. This act of Kapil was hailed by all the fans. However the twist in the tale was that Kapil mistook the don for a business tycoon.

This is why he behaved inappropriately. This report was confirmed by Ravi Shastri himself. Later some of the teammates informed Kapil about the stature of Dawood. Some reports claim that later Kapil went and apologized. He didn’t accept any bribes but he might have feared for his life.

10. Parthiv trying to humiliate Steve Waugh

Image Source : Quora

This secret of Indian cricket happened when India visited Australia in 2003. Amidst all the high voltage clash, the young Indian wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel was in the news for all the wrong reasons. He tried to sledge Aussie great Steve Waugh in his final Test match.

At first the other Indians enjoyed his chirping, but later it crossed the line of respect. Parthiv taunted Waugh for his defensive approach and asked him to use his famous sweep shots. This surprised everyone including Waugh himself. Later Waugh mentioned it in his autobiography.

Later in the dressing room, Parthiv was admonished by all the senior members of the team for his rude behavior. Especially Sachin Tendulkar scolded him for disrespecting a legend of the game. Parthiv even acknowledged his mistake in recent times.


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