10 Shocking Secret Of Indian Cricket

7. Selfless Dravid’s selfish decision

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This secret of Indian cricket happened in Multan. Rahul Dravid has always been a gentleman on and off the field. His activities has helped the team reach great heights. However the declaration in Multan will always remain as a black spot in his career.

Dravid declared India’s innings when Sachin Tendulkar was batting on the score of 194. Even Sachin was stunned by this decision and reacted furiously to all his team members. Even in his autobiography, Sachin said that it was an unfortunate one.

He also gave positive replies regarding this matter and considered Dravid as a good friend. Even the coach and other team members didn’t agree with Dravid’s decision at that time. Many die-hard Sachin fans believe that Dravid did that on purpose. This is because at that time both Rahul and Sachin had equal number of 200s in Tests at that time. If Sachin had completed that double century, he would have surpassed Dravid.

8. Kohli getting bullied by his seniors

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Just like college days, even bullying happens in the Indian dressing room. Although it is meant for making funny moments, but sometimes it might get terrified for the players. This secret of Indian cricket reminds us of two incidents where Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh were victims.

When Kohli got into the team, on the first day Yuvi and Munaf Patel pranked him. They convinced Kohli that every newcomer has to touch the feet of Sachin Tendulkar to stay in the team for a long time. When Kohli bowed down before Sachin, he stopped him and said that the seniors are making fun of him.

In another incident, Yuvi was the victim who was tricked by skipper Sourav Ganduly. Dada asked Yuvi to open the innings in a match. Yuvi took it seriously and started preparing for the new challenge. On the match-day, seeing a tense Yuvi, Ganguly revealed that he was just joking with him.


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