10 Shocking Secret Of Indian Cricket

Indian cricket has done its fair share of promoting the game all over the world. The country has produced some great talents which increased the popularity of the game. Their talents made the country proud and helped the team achieve great successes.

However there are some secret of Indian cricket which are quite dark. These secrets often involved many stalwarts of the game. As a result it portrayed the game in a bad light and has also left their dark mark in the country’s cricketing history.

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Here is the list of 10 secret of Indian cricket:

1. Dhoni – Yuvraj’s not-so-perfect beginning of friendship

Image Source : Financial Express

India won the first World Cup in 1983 and after 28 years, again in 2011. This time the two main heroes of the World Cup were Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni. Nobody can forget the joyful hug they had after the winning shot in the final.

Their friendship has been great and both of them have praised each other many times. However their friendship didn’t have a smooth beginning. In the early days, Yuvi used to taunt Dhoni based on his ethnicity. He used to call Dhoni a ‘Bihari’ and always downplayed his achievements.

At first Dhoni didn’t react, but when things went on continuously, he asked Yuvi the reason behind the taunting. Yuvi realized his mistake and started laughing. Since then they became friends and led the team to many victories.

2. Ganguly –Chappell saga

Image Source : The Week

All of the cricket fans are well aware of this secret of Indian cricket. The differences in opinion between skipper Sourav Ganguly and coach Greg Chappell was a dark episode. The off-field tussle hogged the limelight more than on-field antics.

Even Rahul Dravid added spice to the story when he became the captain. After India exited the 2007 World Cup, things mostly got resolved. But from the statements of Ganguly and Dravid there were still some contradiction.

Ganguly publicly revealed that Dravid had once told Ganguly about his disappointment towards Chappell. But Dravid later denied this and said that it was totally Ganguly’s own opinion. He further added that Sourav shouldn’t have revealed those without thinking about the consequences.