10 Players Who Missed A Unique Record In Their Career

Cricket is a funny and unpredictable game. Many records are broken and made each day. It gives the players to get in the spotlight and make a name for himself. Some grab these opportunities and go on to smash records which others can only imagine.

However in a few occasions, they miss that one odd and unique record. This miss remain like a black dot in their entire white career. They are remembered more for their miss of that unique record than for all the other records they have made.

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Here is the list of 10 players who missed one unique record:

1. Sir Don Bradman – Didn’t get average of 100 in Tests

Image Source : India Times

As long as cricket is here, the name of Sir Donald Bradman will always be remembered. Along with that his missing of unique record of 100 average in Tests will also be remembered. In his final innings, Bradman was dismissed for a 2-ball duck.

As a result he ended his elusive career on an average of 99.94, which still remains intact. No one is even close to this unique record. Bradman has achieved many success with Australia, especially against arch-rivals England.

Don scored 6,996 runs with the help of 29 centuries (which included 12 double centuries and 2 triple tons). Even in First-class cricket, Bradman had an average of more than 95, which is also a record. Although he couldn’t reach the 100-mark, his ‘imperfect’ career will always be remembered.

2. Sachin Tendulkar – Couldn’t score a century at Lord’s

Image Source : India Today

Throughout his 24-year-long career, Sachin Tendulkar carried the weight of the dreams of an entire nation. He has perhaps faced more hardships than other players. Master Blaster has achieved almost everything in his glittering career.

More than 30,000 international runs, highest run-scorer and most centuries in Tests and ODIs, 100 international centuries and many more. However he never got a century in Lord’s. As a result his name isn’t etched on the Lord’s honors board.