Top 3 Dark Secrets of Virat Kohli

In the modern-day cricket, there is no such better batsman is there than the Indian Skipper Virat Kohli in all the three formats, the 31-year-old is one of the stalwarts of the Indian cricket team.

In the age of 19 the Delhi Boy started his international cricket journey for the Men In Blue against Sri Lanka and till then he has been performing consistently for Team India in all the formats, he always try to maintain his classic standpoint posture with some personal development to take in and his willingness to eliminate his weakness makes him the most valuable player in the modern-day game.

Scoring runs have become neat and drink for Virat Kohli, who always feels confident to swing his willow for his respective teams, the way he chases down any score there is hardly any player is there in the modern-day cricket that can play with the same temperament what he has.

Though he just crossed the set mark of 30 years of age and he still has plenty of cricket left in him, but parking aside his cricketing brilliance there is plenty of news about the dark secrets of Virat Kohli.

There have been plenty of moments that led them to some controversial moments in his cricketing career.

Let’s have a look at the top three dark secrets of Virat Kohli:

Virat’s relationship with the Brazilian model and Tamanna:

Before his relationship starts with his current wife Anuskha Sharma, the Indian top-notch was in a relationship with plenty of other Bollywood Divas, in the year of 2012 Virat Kohli’s relationship news with Tamanna Bhatia was lurking in the air, at that time the duo was shooting for an advertisement and some news says they even went for a date but after that, they got separated.

After those rumors, the famous Bollywood Diva Tamanna Bhatia cleared the air by saying that after the advertisement shoot they never met.

Then after Kholi got linked his name with the Brazilian beauty Izabelle Leite, it was learned that both of them met to a party and then after they started dating each other, their relationship continues for two years and its got established with Virat Kohli’s messaged “Te Amo” to her which stands “ I Love You”, even the Brazilian born Izabelle also accepted that fact that they were in a relationship.

The Brazilian born model got featured in two Bollywood movies named Purani Jeans and Sixteen.

Virat Kohli used a fake name for marriage:

In the year 2017, Virat Kohli got hitched with the famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, it was an elegant destination wedding in Italy following a honeymoon trip to Finland.

The famous couple”Virushka” threw their reception party at Mumbai Mumbai and New Delhi, famous celebrities from various fields graced their presence at the party.

Since their marriage, the couple has been appreciative about each other and their work and they have set a new benchmark of couple goals, after their marriage, Anushka revealed that they do not want to do a big celebrity marriage and that’s the reason they planned their marriage in Italy with only 42 family members of their own.

To keep their marriage secret both the couple used fake names at the time of interacting with the caterers, they changed the “Virat to “Rahul” later on Anushka revealed.

During Net session Virat Hits out to a Journalist:

Virat Kohli is a kind of player who likes to express his feeling and he loves to speak his heart out, during the time of 2015 world cup, the current Indian Skipper got engaged into a debate with a journalist, it was after a training session before India’s group match against the West Indies at Perth.

Virat Lost his coolness and hurled abusive language at the journalist, after finishing his training season he witnessed there was some witty news about him and his present wife Anushka Sharma, Kohli knows that it was the journalist and pronounce his frustration towards him.

After the incident when Virat got to know that it was some other reporter who wrote that news, right away Virat Kohli went and apologized to him.