Life after sports – What three cricket legends are doing today

Cricketers aren’t usually known for their controversial or celebrity lifestyles. But there are a few that pique our interest away from the crease.

Some created a name for themselves during their careers. However, there are others who went on to become more famous after hanging up their whites for the last time.

Let’s take a look at 3 top players who have captured our attention both on and off the pitch.

Shane Warne

Aussie spinner, Warne, rose to fame during the 90s with his first appearance for the national team in a test match after playing just 7 pro games previously. His first few games at international level were disappointing. As a result, the team selectors dropped him from the Australian side.

But his career turned around a year later. Warne made his way into the squad to face England in the ‘93 Ashes series. With the first bowl of the match, Warne produced some magic. An incredible delivery swung out wide and then spun back in to clip the off-stump. England’s opening batsman, Gatting, watched in disbelief as he left the pitch after just 1 ball.

Warne went on to be the leading wicket-taker. And his rise to international fame began.

Off the pitch

Shane Warne showed his charismatic side and became the first cricketer to find celebrity status among the general public. Not something that always goes hand in hand with this sport.

Furthermore, he has been in and out of the news for both good and bad reasons over the years, for things like affairs, TV adverts, his own chat show, failed drug test and fines for obscene language.

And there was even an incident where he allegedly accepted money from a Sri Lankan bookmaker for giving inside info about the pitch they were playing on.

But away from that, Warne has been the subject of a huge amount of legitimate action at cricket betting sites throughout his career.

His record-breaking bowling is the stuff of legend. And many punters have made a fortune via their favourite online cricket betting app thanks to Warne’s deliveries.

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Kevin Pietersen

England cricket player, Pietersen, is well-known both on and off the cricket pitch. Born in South Africa to an English mother and Afrikaner father, he had the chance to choose between playing international cricket for either country.

He holds many batting records and fans regard him as one of the best of all time.

His cocky attitude and brash attitude got him into trouble several times over the years. And it was obvious that he managed to ruffle a few feathers at work.

For Pietersen, there were a few key moments that led to his career slow-down. And most of it was due to confrontations with the English Cricket Board. Moreover, there was obvious tension between him and captain Michael Vaughan.

Outside the game, he is part of a celebrity couple. His wife Jessica Taylor was in the British pop band – Liberty X. They had several top hits and gained fame in the UK and beyond.

He retired from international cricket in 2014 and has moved on to greater things. He now runs several conservation programs. These are primarily aimed at saving animals back in his native South Africa. He is also highly regarded for his work with the black African rhino.

Imran Khan

Khan is a cricketing legend that rose to fame during the 70s and 80s. He is considered one of the best all-rounders that the game has ever seen. And one of his greatest achievements was winning the Cricket World Cup back in 1992.

During his career, he managed to make a few enemies thanks to allegations of ball-tampering. Picking the seam of the ball helps to make it move more. But this wasn’t legally an issue a few decades ago.

As the game grew over the years, rule-makers banned the practice. And Khan’s actions got him into hot water.

It also resulted in English cricket players suing him for liable damages at one point. Khan allegedly made comments against the players who complained about his actions. And this led to a high-profile court case. Khan won the case and moved away from cricket.

His next appointment couldn’t have been more different if he tried. He left the crease for the world of politics. And went on to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A post which he still holds today.