Faulkner Reveals He Is Not Gay; Clarifies Instagram Post

Image Source : The Australian

Aussie all-rounder James Faulkner celebrated his 29th birthday on April 29. He took to Instagram and shared a picture with his mother Roslyn Carol Faulkner and male friend Rob Jubb.

The caption of the picture read, “Birthday dinner with the boyfriend @robjubbsta and my mother @roslyn_carol_faulkner #togetherfor5years.”

However the choice of words ‘the boyfriend’ and hashtag #togetherfor5years created quite a stir. Everyone thought that Faulkner used the occasion of his birthday to announce that he was gay.

Here is the Instagram post:


However later he once again took to social media to play down the speculations. He edited the post and added “(best mate!!!)” while referring Jubb. He also added a message thanking everyone for the support after the misunderstanding and also said that he is not gay.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding about my post from last night, I am not gay, however, it has been fantastic to see the support from and for the LBGT community. Let’s never forget love is love, however, @robjubbsta is just a great friend. Last night marked five years of being housemates! Good on everyone for being so supportive,” wrote James Faulkner.

Here is Faulkner’s clarification:


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Cricket Australia issues a statement

Even the cricketing board of Australia also issued a statement and apologised for the misunderstanding. “Cricket Australia does not consider the social commentary this morning from James Faulkner to be a joke, nor does James,” said CA spokesperson Karina Keisler.

“His comment was made as a genuine reflection of his relationship with his business partner, best friend and housemate of five years. He was not contacted for clarification before some outlets reported his Instagram post as an announcement of a homosexual relationship.

“James and CA are supportive of the LGBQTI community and recognises coming out can be an incredibly emotional time. The post was not in any way meant to make light of this and, though the support from the community was overwhelming and positive. Cricket Australia apologises for any unintended offence,” added Karina.