If Indian Cricketers Had Their Own Avengers Avatar

4. Jasprit Bumrah – Thor

The King of Asgard and the God of Thunder is one of the strongest Avengers. He is known to win battle with his brutal power. Just like Thor, Indian pacer Jasprti Bumrah is also a threat to the opposition.

Bumrah might not be well-built like Thor, but his rise in the world of cricket is meteoric. The unorthodox pacer has been a huge success and proved his critics wrong in every step that he took.

Bumrah is currently one of the best pacers in international cricket. He destroys his opposition with his raw pace and brutal yorkers. He is very effective both in the opening and in the death overs. While Thor gets his power from Mjolnir (later Stormbreaker), Bumrah gets his power from his lethal bowling.

3. Rohit Sharma – Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has been a mystery to himself and to others. Nobody knows when the sedate-looking Bruce Banner will turn into the hostile Hulk. But once he does so, there is no getting away from his brute power and anger.

Rohit Sharma has always been a mystery as well and is often criticized for not doing justice to his talent. He might get out early at some times, but when he gets settled he can annihilate the opposition bowling. This is evident from the fact that Hitman has 3 ODI double centuries to his name.