If Indian Cricketers Had Their Own Avengers Avatar

6. Harmanpreet Kaur – Black Widow

Although Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel have joined the Avengers, Black Widow is the only permanent female member of the group. Black Widow is a well-trained spy who can adapt in any surroundings and fight in any conditions.

Just like her, Indian cricketer Harmanpreet Kaur also has an aggressive style of play. She is known to take the attack to the opposition and then decimate them. In the 50-over World Cup she showed her belligerence. Both Harman and Black Widow have aggression which is their USP.

5. Bhuvneshwar Kumar – Hawkeye

Despite being part of the group from the first, another least celebrated Avenger is the Hawkeye. Despite major contributions, his presence is always gone unnoticed. Moreover he doesn’t possess a superhero-physique.

Likewise Bhuvi doesn’t look like a pacer from his lean physique. Moreover Bhuvi has won many games for India with his swing bowling, but hasn’t received much appreciation for his heroics.

Over the past couple of years, Bhuvi has done great and has become a regular member of the ODI and T20I side. Moreover just like Hawkeye is extremely accurate with his arrows, Bhuvi is also accurate with his bowling.