If Indian Cricketers Had Their Own Avengers Avatar

The fourth film of the Avengers series have already been released. In the film the Avengers confronted the mad titan Thanos for a final showdown.

The superheroes were down and out in the previous film titled Avengers : Infinity War after Thanos made the snap. But in the new film they reversed the snap and bought everyone back to life.

Although there were some casualties, yet Earth’s mightiest heroes once again saved the world from utter doom. All the Avengers have individual superpowers and they are even stronger when they fight as a team.

Likewise the Indian cricketers can single-handedly destroy any opposition on any given day. But when playing as a team, they become even more invincible. Also there are many similarities between the Avengers and the Indian cricketers.

As a result the Indian cricketers can be compared to the fictional superheroes. Keeping in mind the strengths and specialty, here is the list of 10 cricketers who can have an Avengers avatar.

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10. Cheteshwar Pujara – Doctor Strange

One of the most underrated superheroes in the Marvel universe is Doctor Strange. A surgeon turned magician, Stephen Strange uses his powers to fight against all magical threats.

In Infinity War, Doctor Strange almost did the impossible when he single-handedly held Thanos. Like Doctor Strange, Indian Test specialist Cheteshwar Pujara is also one of the most underrated ones.

He hasn’t got much rewards despite playing many match-winning knocks for his country. In the last Test series against Australia, when other big names failed, Pujara single-handedly sttod as a rock in front of the opposition.

He didn’t crumble under pressure and helped his team register their first Test series victory Down Under. Pujara might not know magic tricks like Strange but he sure can handle the the magic tricks thrown by opposition bowlers.

9. Rishabh Pant – Ant-Man

Ant-Man wasn’t a part of the Infinity War film, but played a huge part in the Endgame film. He was the one who gave the idea of time travel to the other Avengers so that they could undo the snap.

Although Ant-Man is tiny yet he can deal a large amount of damage to his opposition. Likewise Rishabh Pant is also small but he can destroy any opposition with his power pact batting.

After making his debut in Test cricket, Pant made a huge name for himself and created a lot of impact. He was named as the ICC’s Emerging Player of 2018. Moreover both Ant-Man and Rishabh Pant have another similarity of taking things a little lightly.