5 Hilarious Banters Caught On Stump Mic In 2018

When Dhoni lost his cool over Manish Pandey

MS Dhoni is usually known for his calm and composed manner. However it was an unusual incident when he lashed out at Manish Pandey during a T20I match between India and South Africa.

It was the second T20I of the series in the month of February. It was the last over of India’s innings with Dhoni and Pandey on the crease. The bowler was Dane Paterson who ran in for the first delivery.

Pandey tried to slog it, but unfortunately mistimed it and managed just a single. However Dhoni was of the opinion that there was two runs had Manish paid enough attention to his call. As a result, Dhoni threw some swearwords towards Pandey for failing to convert the single to double.

The first impression was that the Indian captain seemed to have said, “Oye b******ke, idhar dekh le. Udhar kya dekh raha hai (Hey, look here. What are you looking there for?)”.

However when the broadcaster released the entire video, there was a second perspective. It seemed that Dhoni meant to say, “Oye bhootnike, idhar dekh le. Udhar kya dekh raha hai?”

Here is the video:



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