5 Hilarious Banters Caught On Stump Mic In 2018

The invention of stump mic in cricket is one of the technological advancements. This has helped so much to understand and enjoy the game better. The advent of stump mic and the higher volume have also brought some enthralling comments.

These are the talks that players share on the field. Without the stump mic they would have gone unnoticed. Right from friendly talks to fiery abuses, the microphone catches everything.

It was veteran Indian captain MS Dhoni who popularized this fantastic technology. He is more often than not heard behind the stumps giving suggestions to the bowlers. There are also some witty conversations from his end too.

In the year of 2018, we had opportunities to hear some interesting and funny comments. Here is the list of 5 such comments that were caught by the stump mic during the match.

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Marcus Harris advises Rishabh Pant to go out for a disco night

This incident on the list is a very recent one. It happened on the 4th day of the Perth Test in the ongoing Test series between Australia and India.

India were given a target of 283 runs to chase. But they soon lost five wickets and were reeling at 112. It was the last over of the day, and it was Rishabh Pant and Hanuma Vihari who were holding the two ends.

Starc was bowling the last over and both the batsmen patiently negotiated the first five balls. For the last ball Starc decided to keep a fielder at short-leg. It was Marcus Harris who decided to field at that position.

As Harris was preparing to take guard, he decided to unsettle Pant with a hilarious one-liner. However the stump mic was on, and the entire conversation was recorded.

The mic caught Harris saying, “If you get out, we can go disco. There’s a pretty good circuit on a Monday night in Perth.” However Pant decided to not give him a reply and just passed a wry smile instead.

Here is the video: