5 Cricketers Whose Names Resemble Food Items

Many a times a person’s name can determine his personality. His name is the only identity through which people get to know him at first. While a good name can gain the appreciation of many, a weird name can become a content of laughter.

Many a times a question pops into the mind – Do parents even think while naming their baby? This question became more evident when Leicester City’s footballer Danny Drinkwater came into limelight.

The midfielder was in extraordinary form in the 2015-16 Premier League season. He helped his club win the title for the first time in 119 years of history of the club.

Since the moment Drinkwater’s name hit the media, he became a content for meme. More than his ability of controlling the midfield, his name got all the limelight. However the Englishman didn’t get demoralized as he having the best time of his professional career.

Even in the game of cricket, we have witnessed some players who had weird names. Some of them were named after food items. Maybe it was their parent’s obsession with food that led to their naming.

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Here is the list of 5 cricketers whose names are a resemblance to food items:

Clive Rice

After South Africa’s struggle with Apartheid came to an end, there were a bunch of first generation cricketers who emerged in that country. Clive Rice is regarded as one of the biggest figures in his country’s meteoric growth in the world of cricket.

Rice led the Proteas side in the 1991/92 tour which came to play in India for their first-ever ODI games in their history. Rice is often rated as one of the generation’s best all-rounder alongside Sir Richard Hadlee, Sir Ian Botham and Imran Khan.

However many youngsters from this generation don’t understand his contribution to the development of cricket in South Africa. After a prolonged battle against brain tumor, Rice passed away in Cape Town on 28 July 2015.