5 Cricketers Who Have Most Beautiful Wives

Image Source : The Cricket Times

One of the most popular sports in the whole world is cricket undoubtedly. The cricketers usually lead a glamorous lifestyle as this sport gives a lot of money.

As a result of the sport’s popularity, the cricketers’ personal and professional lives are always a matter of discussion. In this age of science and technology nothing can be spared from media and fans.

The fans and media always try to know every possible detail of the life of a cricketer. This details include their lifestyle, their families, their girlfriends and their wives. Hence there is not a huge line which separates a cricketer’s personal and professional life.

The wives of most of the cricketers are often spotted in the stands of a stadium, cheering for their husband and his team. Hence they are quite popular among cricket fans and has a huge following on social media. Some of the cricketers have got beautiful wives too.

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Here are the five cricketers who have got beautiful wives:

1. Andre Russell – Jassym Lora

Russell and Lora got married in 2016 after dating each other for a long time. They got engaged in 2014 and were together even before that for many years.

The Windies all-rounder’s wife is one of the prettiest woman and is very popular on social media. She has got almost 46.7k followers on Instagram and remains quite active on social media platform. Lora is a US citizen and is from Miami, Florida.