5 Cricketers Who Has Opted For Same Sex Marriage

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The definition of same sex marriage is the union of two persons of same sex or gender through civil or religious ceremony. Previously this practice was not accepted in the society and many criticized about it.

However with the progress in the world, the viewpoints are changing and people are becoming open-minded. They are becoming sensitive to other person’s feelings and the taboo is getting accepted legally in many parts of the world.

People who are doing same sex marriage fall into the LGBTQ communities. These communities are fighting very hard for their rights. They are now being led by many famous personalities and some of them are cricketers who have led by example in recent times.

They didn’t conceal their feelings and didn’t hold back their sexuality. These cricketers fell in love with a person of the same sex and opted for the same sex marriage. They protested against all the odds and reservations and married their partner of their choice.

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Here are 5 cricketers who fell in love and opted for same sex marriage:

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1. Alex Blackwell and Lynsey Askew

Image Source : ESPNCricinfo

Alexandra Joy Blackwell is a former Aussie women cricketer who was born in New South Wales. She has represented her country in 251 international games. After a long 15-year international career, she decided to hang her boots in February 2017.

She was also the captain of her nation for a brief period of time. In 2013 Blackwell came out as a lesbian. She was the second cricketer after England’s Steven Davies to open acknowledge her sexuality during her playing days.

In 2015 she opted for same sex marriage and married her eight-years-long girlfriend Lynsey Askew. They marriage was done in legally in England as at that time in Australia, same sex marriage wasn’t accepted.

It was later in 2017 that Australia accepted their conjugality. Cricket Australia and 15 other sporting bodies of the country pledged their support to same sex marriage. Blackwell has a strong belief that the sexuality of a person is totally irrelevant and it doesn’t hamper one’s performances.