4 Times When Teams Forfeited World Cup Games

1. New Zealand against Kenya in 2003

Image Source : CricketCountry.com

Just like England, the Kiwis also handed a walkover and four points to Kenya. They did it due to security reasons. This is because Kenyan capital Nairobi was under terrorist threat and the game was slated in the same city.

New Zealand won four of their next five games and made it to the Super Sixers. The other two teams from the group were Sri Lanka and Kenya. However Kenya carried forward 10 points while the Sri Lankans and the Kiwis had 7.5 and 4 respectively.

In the Super Sixers, Australia and India dominated and defeated all their Group B opponents. Zimbabwe, who qualified from Group A, lost all their three games against Group B opponents.

Sri Lanka finished the round with 14 points and Kenya with 11.5, while the Kiwis had only 8. Had they toured Kenya and defeated the hosts, then New Zealand would have got 12 points and progressed to the semis, leaving behind Kenya with 10 points.